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Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner repairs are usually electronic, controller electronics; require yearly vent cleaning and fumigation of the coils through chemical treatment to kill bacteria built over the season. If there is gas leak, it is usually due to poor installation. Undue damage to pipe works is repairable only if there is no damage to the compressor. However, if the air conditioner is old and there is no gas, it is cheaper to get the air conditioner replaced.

Air Conditioner Installation

Modern inverter air conditioners have higher efficient power consumption and more affordable for cooling. During the air conditioner installation process, the circuit run is isolated for the fuse box. Appliances R Us expert technicians recommended to always invest in a more powerful air conditioner as the air conditioner mostly run at half power rating and with the inverter technology, the air conditioner will only consume lower power need. Appliances R Us technicians hold expertise in air conditioner installation.


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