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Dryer Repair

Tumble dryers are easy to look after as they require the occasional vacuuming around the back of the dryer to reduce the accumulation of dust and the filters need to be kept clean. If you have a condenser and/or heat pump dryers, you will require assistance from Appliances R Us. When it comes to condenser and heat pump dryers, overhauling is essential part of looking after the dryers along with cleaning the filters.

Dryer Installation

Appliances R Us offers dryer installation services for all types of dryers- tumble, condenser and heat pump. Standard tumble dryers are usually placed next to the washing machine or are mounted on the wall above the washing machine. Tumble dryers are light weight dryers that are mounted on cement fibro walls, gyprock or concrete walls. Condenser and heat pump dryers are heavier compared to standard tumble dryers and weigh over 90kg when stack on top of a good quality washing machine.


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