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Fridge and Freezer

Fridge and Freezer Repair

Unsure if your fridge needs re-gassing or it is mere electrical issue? Most of the time fridge faults are electrical or electronic issues unless there is severe damage to the appliance.

To accurately assess your fridge for faults, use a thermometer to measure the temperature of your fridge as well as the freezer. Diagnosing the actual fault takes longer time than the repair itself, thus making fridge and freezer repair cost higher.

Fridge and Freezer Installation

Fridge and freezer installation service ensures that the fridge and freezer units are properly fitted into the cabinets. Along with this, plumbing for water and ice dispensing are part of the installation process.

At Appliances R Us, our team provides both simple and complex fridge and freezer installation. From simple door panels which need to be fitted to the front panel of your fridge/freezer to the more complex installation of Liebherr, Wolf Sub Zero and Miele fridges and freezers in the larger outlay of your kitchen and entertainment areas.


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