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Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven Repair

When it comes to microwave oven repairs, it is essential to analyze the various options. If the microwave has been running for over 2 to 5 years, then investing in a new microwave worth 200-300 dollars is more economical than repairing the existing appliance.

The money spent on the spare parts and labour for microwave repair is usually higher than buying a new microwave. Unsure when to call Appliances R Us team to work on your microwave? You can call the team to receive quality service when you have blown fuses, require repairs for the expensive microwave ovens, repairs for frames around the cabinet and/or you are stuck with repairing an integrated microwave as it is difficult to find an older model to fit the cabinet.

Microwave Oven Installation

Appliances R Us provides microwave oven installation services to ensure to take your bad integrated microwave ovens to good integrated microwave ovens. A good integrated microwave oven matches the design of your kitchen, enhances the appearance of your kitchen by giving it a modern and clean look.

When it comes to poor microwave installation, they tend to breakdown more often with an increase in usage. Over the years, it will be challenging to find the parts for your microwave oven and with the technological changes; it would be even more difficult to buy a new part that fits into the frame. Our team provides assistance with installation on your investment in a whole new integration kit.


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