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Oven Repair

When it comes to gas/electric oven repairs, the faults are commonly found in fan motors switches, thermostats, thermocouples, wiring burnouts and other electrical components. These parts are commonly available in the markets. Westinghouse oven repairs require electrical ignition to be replaced after a while with either HIS or DSI module. If you have gas knobs stuck which won’t turn, repairing it early would avoid bigger repairs. They are unseized with chemical treatment and elbow greasing.

Oven Installation

Oven Installation is relatively simple for modern ovens. However, when it comes to removing traditional GEC, GE or Westinghouse ovens, the available ovens in the market are smaller overall and totally different to traditional oven sizes. The simplest way to deal with sizing difference is by using 20-60mm stainless steel plates to match the oven. However, this can only be when it is short in height. When both width and height need to be dealt with, it is usually better to rethink on the installation process. A new front panel needs to be installed which should match the rest of the panel colour, need to make toe panel, should be cut out on site and refit the oven back with a new match cabinet panel. This will save you from changing the whole kitchen design. Appliances R Us Oven installation service price varies depending on the size, colour, material and kitchen design.


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