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Rangehood Repair

Simple rangehood should be replaced as they tend to get greasy over time and are not worth the repair cost. However, with higher rangehood that cost between $800 and $30,000, it is better to be repaired by an expert technician. The parts are usually kept by the smaller manufacturers for a minimum of 5 years, up to even 10 to 20 years by the bigger manufacturers. At Appliances R Us, we ensure that the best quality parts have been used during your repair service.

Rangehood Installation

The prices for rangehood installation service vary depending on the installation requirement. The prices are usually quoted by taking application and surveying the site. Various types of installation include: simple plug, setting up play for $160, connecting flue, easy to complex vent piping and complex island mounting. The involvement of staff varies with regards to the complexity of installation. More complex installations require builders and roof workers to ensure that the smoke escapes out of the ceiling without causing any disturbance to the tiles.


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