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Stove & Cooktop Repair

Induction Electric Gas

Induction futuristic products come with very heavy repair bills as they have no heating technology and are pure electronic boards similar to the inside of laptops. It is crucial to properly examine before investing in one to minimize repair cost.

Electric stove has been around for years and are affordable to repair. However, it is more economical to invest in a new one than spending money on the repair. When the glass tops of ceramic stove cracks, then replacing the whole appliance is better than investing in repairing an individual part.

Gas stove comprises of both electric and gas components. When it comes to stove repair, the electric components need to be repaired more frequently than the gas components. The gas components are designed to meet Australian design standards, thus lasting for a longer time. However, these gas components can get dirty with infrequent cleaning.

Stove & Cooktop Installation

Induction Electric Gas

Induction futuristic products come with requirements:

A) needs more power from the fuse box than normal stove,
B) needs a lot more space in the kitchen cabinet for ventilation as the electronic tend to heat up more than the electric cooktops and they do not have fans to cool the electronics,
C) products also need heavier grade cable to run power requirements, and
D) proper installation would help in proper ventilation in the cabinet for extra cooling to avoid future failures

Electric cooktops installation needs power cutouts and ventilation.

Gas stove installation needs to consider easy gas pipe access and requires power to run the cooking, cooling fans and also the electric sparker to ignite the gas burners. Some stove and cooktop brands have gas cooktops and electric ovens below for heating, and fans for cooking and cooling. The old copper pipes are replaced with new flexi pipes.


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